San Diego Homes for Sale


California has among the highest financially stable of potential home loan borrowers in the country. The state of California is ranking 5th when things like credit score and loan to value ratios.

Mark Goldman, real estate professor at San Diego State University says the current market shows that marginal type borrowers have declined.Today financial documents are heavily scrutinized.

About San Diego, CA Home Market

The San Diego Local home sale market is on the rise. Average price per square foot for San Diego CA was over $350, which is an increase compared to last year 2012. The median sales price for homes in San Diego CA for May 13 to Jul 13 was about $465,000 based on over 4,800 home sales.Popular neighborhoods in San Diego include Rancho Bernardo and Carmel Valley, with average listing prices of $484,512 and $1,093,439.

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