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The World Cup winner scored 10 goals as Napoli lifted the Serie A title 31 years ago – their first Italian top-flight triumph. Messi leaves as Barcelona’s all-time leading scorer with 672 goals. Messi as hundreds of fans, many wearing his No. 10 jersey, massed outside Barca’s Camp Nou stadium to bid farewell to the player they called Messiah. Arnautovic soured a positive mood mid-season, arrogantly waved goodbye to the fans, then changed his mind and expected to make a hero’s return. I was actually running away from the customers,” the U.S. women’s basketball coach said. “If they messed up a pile of T-shirts, I’d be quick to go make it look nice and neat again. The men’s “Dream Team” of NBA stars had steamrollered its Olympic basketball competition in 1992 and become the toast of the Barcelona Games, while the U.S. It came in 1995, when the NBA backed a traveling women’s team that toured the world in preparation for the 1996 Atlanta Games — an endeavor that helped launch the WNBA. Stream LIVE games and replays (U.S. Reporters who promised to ask about her performance in the individual jumping qualifier at Equestrian Park were identified, and theirs were the only questions taken before a media manager from U.S.

Jessica Springsteen will become an Olympian in equestrian jumping before an empty arena Tuesday at the Tokyo Olympics, taking the famous family name to new frontiers while her biggest supporters watch from their home in New Jersey. Jessica Springsteen approached the reporters lining a partition inside an interview area and glanced at the voice recorders piled onto three brown plastic trays in front of her. As reporters waited to speak with Jessica Springsteen on Tuesday night, they were warned not to ask about her family. This gathering of the world’s best 400-meter hurdlers Tuesday produced a gold medal for Warholm, a world record, a masterpiece and a slice of history. He finished fifth in 47.12 — a season best for him, but he was one of only two hurdlers not to hit a national record. Even stars of the time like Zidane, Del Piero and Edgar Davids will have struggled to pick out a teammate using their peripheral vision, as their record in this season attests.

She’s bonded with the horse she’s ridden for nearly two years, saying he’ll whinny every time she walks into the barn. The suspended jockeys were found to have ridden their mounts beyond the bounds of exhaustion, with one making generous use of the whip as he did. The League are pushing for a 12-point deduction and a transfer ban if found guilty, which would plunge Birmingham into relegation trouble. The Argentina superstar joined Napoli in 1984 in a world-record transfer from Barcelona and won two Serie A titles and the UEFA Cup in their famous sky blue. It’s the classic claret and blue design, featuring dark pinstripes down the body, with white shorts and blue socks. Springsteen walked away after taking five questions, leaving her inquisitors dancing in the dark. Springsteen first sat on a pony when she was 4 and had her own pony by 6, taking up show jumping after her family moved from California to New Jersey. Laurel Hubbard, New Zealand weightlifter, is among the first openly transgender athletes to compete at the Olympics. Hard to believe, even for the athletes watching it unfold in front of them. Running out of Lane 6, he caught the guys who started in front of him after three hurdles and was clearly in the lead at the halfway point.

MADRID (AP) — Lionel Messi began crying before he even started speaking. In pics: What’s next for Lionel Messi? But with Barcelona falling well short of the Champions League Final this year, before the eventual title holders Bayern Munich won it all, Messi looks to want out now. He won the Heisman Trophy and achieved national championship glory. But he was one of six to set either a world, continental or national record. Van Niekerk’s world record in the 400 is 43.03. That’s only 2.91 faster than what Warholm did with 10 hurdles to scale. Her 12-year-old horse, Don Juan van de Donkhoeve, toppled a few bars toward the end of a routine he finished in 87.15 seconds on an uncharacteristically cool, breezy night. In the pre-race introductions, they both thumped their chests like boxers, and Warholm slapped himself in the face a few times. On July 1, Warholm brought it down to 46.7, which felt like either a brazen rejoinder to Benjamin, or a sign of things to come. “I decided I didn’t like to lose,” Warholm said.

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